Saturday, June 30, 2007

Overheard at the Family Reunion

Last week, we celebrated a family reunion with Mom's side of the family. They are the coolest non-Greeks ever - seriously! Our days were packed full of fun and laughter. We also ate, played in the water, talked, played in the water some more, took pictures, and did lots of other great stuff. We enjoyed the time immensely! Families are awesome.

Scott: "Normal people don't have 6 kids."

Scott to Stephen: "Abigail freaks me out!"

Abigail: "Who is the president of the United States?"
Leo: "Barack Obama."

Dad was putting sunscreen on Stephen.
"You need to spread it around more, please."
"I know, I'm just doing the initial distribution."
Stephen: "You're writing my initials with sunscreen on my forehead? Cool!"

David to Stephen: "You don't take care of things, and neither do I."

Stephen: "When I see a little boy like ___, it makes me want to get married and have children."

Leo: "Abigail likes me, even though I'm a boy."

Aunt Lauren: "I can really see the resemblance between Steve and Karen."
Scott: "Yeah, they both have yellow teeth."

Leo to Abigail while playing 'Great White Sharks' in the pool: "No! You can't do that 'cause you're dead."


Anonymous said...

wow! the pic looks fun ....

your relatives sounds pretty cool :)

jacob said...

nice picture of me

James Greek said...

the pic sure does look fun. You guys living on a lake now? I don't remember seeing a lake there when I went to your house last time. Speaking of, I am going to Gantt Lake for the fourth of July to our place. I will be going again this weekend to see my Uncle and Aunt and cousin. Hope you all are doing well.