Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You Might be a Greek if....

1. You go downstairs in the winter and get frostbite.

2. Supper is after bedtime.

3. Getting ready to go to town involves putting trash in the car.

4. Your Dad goes to the garage to turn on the electricity.

5. There are at least 2 people looking over your shoulder whenever you are on the computer.

6. You think that activated charcoal, garlic, and Vitamin C are the solution to all medical problems - including broken bones.

7. Giving visitors directions includes the comments:
"Do you have 4-wheel drive?"
"It will look like the road ends, but keep on going anyway."
"You will cross four creeks."

8. You measure distance in minutes, not miles.

9. Your guests get out of their car, and the first thing they say is, "How did you find this place?"

10. Someone mentions Y2K, and you burst out laughing.

11. You open the refridgerator door and half the things fall out.

12. You listen to the State of the Union address on tv, radio, and internet all at the same time.

13. You might have to push your visitors' car up the driveway.

14. You think dishwashers are people.

15. You go from the basement to the attic and experience global warming.

16. You listen to music in a language you don't understand (it's all Greek to you).

17. You think microwaves are evil.

18. You are summoned to meals by the sound of a shofar.

19. Riding a bicycle on pavement is almost unheard of.

20. Your Mom hands out toothbrushes in the car.

21. You know breakfast is being made when there's classical music blaring through the house.

22. Every night in the summer time, a frog and cricket choir sings you to sleep.

23. Your Mom reads every label in the grocery store.

24. Consuming MSG is considered high treason.

25. You think the intercom in Walmart is a family walkie-talkie.

If you fail to identify with these, you are in dire need of Hellenization !


Yoni said...

Coolito. You guys posted something new!

I love the driving directions. If I ever visit you people, we might have to um, carpool a couple miles away :)

Anonymous said...

know what 'cha mean when people are always looking over your shoulder ... that ALWAYS happens at my place.

Katrina Rowe said...
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Katrina Rowe said...

Wow! That was your best post yet! As crazy as lots of it sounds, I can relate to well over half of it, especially the first one. From the looks of the list, I'm half Greek. Right now in fact, my sister is here watching me type this. 17 and 24 are definitely the marks of being a Martin too. We had a guy over for dinner and we had a big argument with him about how he had to get rid of his microwave. :D Keep up the good work, ladies! (Andrew still hasn't posted. Shame on him.)
P.S. I rewrote my comment for the sake of not making dear Sarah look like a dictator.

Sarah said...


Thanks, Katrina! I REALLY appreciate it. :)

Yoni, I do think you're right. We'd have to carpool. But don't let that deter you from visiting!

Anonymous, are you going to stay that way, or do we have to expose you? I know who you are. :P

Thanks for the comments, all! Keep 'em comin'.

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't think you know who I am!!!! But sure, give it a shot. I need a good laugh anyway!

Anonymous said...

to those of you who wish to learn my idenity......your efforts and asumptions are both futile and incorrect..........however i will not hold your notions against you. continue to guess

anonymous,followers and friends

Anonymous said...

the non-grecian inhabitants of this earth have found it necessary to unite in order to plead the cause of ... another post.

Please take the necessary steps to insure that all parties remain content.

Anonymous, Followers, Fellow Humans, Others, and Me

PS You have yet to unmask our identity(s).

Joe said...

hey anonymous
you've posted like a gazzilion comments....they'll stick something up soon. just hang on for a sec


Anonymous said...

i think we should get over the greek thing,

Anonymous said...

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