Sunday, June 17, 2007

New, new, hear all about it!

Alrighty here fellow people of earth, and anyone else. Time for a new feature that I have been nagging Sarah to do for a long time. And we finally did it! *cheers*

Okay, so check out the poll we have added on the right side of the web-page, and please hurry, too, cause I really look forward to hearing your answers. We'll be making new polls pretty often, (guess who defines 'pretty often'? :P ). Anyhow though, keep on the lookout for random goofy polls coming up!


Anonymous said...

I LUV the poll! That's a great idea, Abigail! Good job!

and yes, i did vote :)


James Greek said...

Nice poll, but I can't answer it because hey!, I am a Greek myself!

Kristin said...

YAY! Finally, a poll where I can disclose what I really think about the Greeks... anonymously ;)

Anonymous said...

when are you gonna post the next one?