Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Life is wonderful! And we have had such an eventful year. It's hard to remember all the interesting memories of things we've said and done this past year. With my first car accident, rock climbing, becoming a teenager, the cute little puppies I miss so much, Sarah and Mom traveling to Israel, going to camp for the first time, not to forget starting a family blog :D, and all the other adventures we have's been an incredible year. Looking back at all the good times, and amazing new experiences, I am speechless. Wow! God has blessed us with so much this year! He has been so good to us.

I look forward to the exciting adventures, weird moments, new discoveries, great times and rich blessings that God has in store for us in 2007! We wish you all a New Year full of blessings, happiness, and wonderful moments. May the Almighty richly bless you all!

"We don't know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future."


Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the beach. I was at the beach today and drew the same thing in the sand ... thought of your pic


James Greek said...

My gosh

I miss 2006 already! I cannot believe it's actually 2007! I had such an eventful year myself with me starting college and graduating and all.