Saturday, March 17, 2007

Overheard at TeenPact

Yes, you heard right. During our self-imposed blogging hiatus, Abigail and I had a grand adventure. TeenPact was an amazing experience this year, as always. I learned more in a week than is commonly thought possible, and experienced more awkward moments and daring adventures and inspirational conversations than I've enjoyed in a long time.

During the course of the week, we here at GI kept careful track of the proceedings, as usual. Our efforts were not in vain, for many of the happenings were preserved for our loyal readers in pen and ink. We've selected a few tidbits to aid in your personal pursuit of humor and happiness.

Disclaimer: The following statements are in no way representative of the usual intellectual climate of the TeenPact experience. During the course of the week, TP attendees sought respite from the relentless pursuit of knowledge by refreshing themselves with brief moments of humor. To tell the truth, the author, for one, enjoyed more laughs than said author had experienced in a very long time. While the source of said amusements were not usually recalled to memory after said amusements occurred, a few have been preserved for your delectation and delight.

Senator L: "We're backwards in our sophistication."

Hannah: "Ah, the sweet taste of pessimism!"

Hannah: "I'm allergic to some seafood. But I don't know which seafood bothers me and which doesn't, so I just avoid it all."
Jonathan: "That sounds a little fishy to me."

Mark to Nathan on Sarah's status as a staffer: "Sarah used to be one of us."

Hannah, describing her concussion: "But it sure made a cool cracking noise!"

also Hannah: "Just as I forgot, I remembered."

Hannah again: "I don't have to pretend to have mental problems. I am one."

Mark: "I'm not going to waste time thanking you each individually."

Mr Jack: "I'm certain that ties are an invention of the devil - or at least of women."

Nicholas G. had the great honor of being elected to the prestigious position of TP Missouri Governor. As usual, GI staff took copious notes during his "State of TeenPact address". The following were some of Governor G's most memorable comments.

"I found a Communist in Jefferson City this week."

"The guys actually held the doors open for the girls, and the girls actually said 'thank you'!"

"You can't walk out these doors and be the same."

"TeenPact is an oasis in a desert of ignorance."

"My generation is not a lost cause....God bless TeenPact."

Indeed! A big thanks to all the amazing students and staff who made the Missouri TP class possible. Not mention Mr. J and Mrs. M and Mrs. R and the PD, who are a whole 'nuther story....


Yoni said...

Wow! It sounds like you all have lots of fun. The other people you were with sound hilarious.

Mrs. M. said...

I have never seen a website that I liked better than this! I applaud the writer. Having grown up in the country with 3 brothers I relate to much of the country living stories. I regret having said nothing worth quoting for an entire week at TP. You can ALWAYS count on Hannah, however!
Your family charms the socks off me!