Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Also Overheard at the Greeks

David: "That's a Navy bean? I wish there was an Air Force bean."

Stephen: "Sarah goes to bed at midnight and wakes up at 3:00 in the morning."

Mom: "Abigail has many interesting conversations - with herself."

Andrew: "Classical music doesn't have any words because words hadn't been invented back then."

Dad: "But if she went, she wouldn't be here."

Mom: "When someone says 'I see', you never know exactly what they see."

Sarah went on a walk with Jacob, Stephen, and David after dark, and the boys began to get scared of the coyotes and other animals howling in the distance.
Sarah: "Well, boys, if we're attacked by a panther, should I protect you or will you all protect me?"
Stephen: (shivering and moving closer to Sarah) "You protect us!"

Dad: "Sarah, you should stop writing until you're going to get paid for it."

Stephen: "Do you ever feel like a rotten pig after you eat too much?"
Dad: "I don't know what a rotten pig feels like."

Jacob: "I don't have enough money for a bike"
Andrew: "Ask them if you can trade Sarah for it."

Dad: "President Bush declared tomorrow a national day of mourning for President Ford."
David: "Does that mean police are going to drive by our house to make sure we're crying?"

Sarah: "This is a cute shirt! Except it looks bad."

Abigail to Sarah: "You think I care if I get kidnapped? It's you I'm worried about."

Dad: "Come on girls, you don't have to write everything down. People are going to be afraid to talk in this house!"
Andrew: "They already are!"


Anonymous said...

Very funny,but I was not scared of the coyotes. They sounded cool, like Duke.

Christina said...

You guys crack me up. :P

Jacob, Stephen and David.. be men! You must protect your sister!! :) lol

Katrina Rowe said...

ROFL You guys are so funny! Sounds like our house. We might even top you. :P

Brianna said...

I found you from Christina's site...you guys sound like alot of fun! I have a big family, too, so...

I've also seen some of your stuff in HW and PBG...good stuff! :-)

TTTL! :-)


Brianna said...

That is...I've seen some of your stuff, Sarah. =)


Sarah said...

Thanks, Brianna. I do remember you from HW. Nice to meet you!

I was browsing your xanga - it looks like you have a pretty humorous family yourself! :D I would have commented, except I don't have a xanga account.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

WOW guys! I side with Andrew, I'd be afraid to say anything in your house. It looks like everything but "Please pass the butter" is on there!

Tessa said...

U guys are hilouris(can't spell but u guuys get the idea)Funny how's that lol
hey Sarah and Abby how's it hangin?
meaning to talk to u guys but haven't had time all right well TTYL
Da TeSsA

Anonymous said...

Acually i moved away from sarah.