Saturday, May 5, 2007

Westward, ho!

Yes, you heard right. The Greeks went off to Colorado some time ago for a bit of visiting, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, and other great adventures. We've asked aspiring writer and historian David Greek to give us exclusive access to his personal journal for his firsthand account of the skiing portion of the trip. He's agreed, albeit very reluctantly, and so we're going to hurry and post this before he changes his mind...


"I skied for two days. It was very fun skiing. I rented my skies and boots. I went on the chairlift about 12 times a day. It was very fun skiing when I went down hills. I learned how to ski very fast. I skied down White Rabbit ski run and Lonesome Whistle and Hobo Alley, Bluebell, Coronaway, Edelweiss, Marchhare, Dormouse and a few more. We went as high as 11,307 feet. The drive up was very curvy. The two person chairlift was scary. But the other chairlifts were not scary. We went skiing at Winter park. It was very fun skiing. Stephen fell getting on the chairlift. I saw a little boy skiing with a walkie-talkie."

And there you have it - David's personal narrative, reported exclusively to the privileged readers of the The Grecian Inquirer. Maybe if you leave lots of nice comments, David will be persuaded to make more of his writings public. Rumor has it that he's been churning out some wild western fiction lately.

And yes, we realize we haven't been posting, but we also realize that you don't want to hear our excuses. We do plan to post more often...and we have lots of good stuff in storage. Keep watching! :)


Tatiana said...

That sounds like it was a lot of fun. Was Stephen alright?

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting David. You are a great writer, please make more posts

James Greek said...

Wow! You guys had a lot of fun. The David Greek that is my father is an aspiring writer and historian he just doesn't know it yet. I have been wanting to camp in the Colorado Rockies.

Anonymous said...

man! i wish i knew how to ski. is david gonna post more stuff? will we hear about the rest of your colorado trip?

Sarah said...

Thanks, folks. :)

Tatiana, I think Stephen was alright - at least, I never heard that he wasn't. :D

Anonymous - Amen! Did you hear that, David??

Jamey - Ditto about your Dad! I'm eagerly awaiting the release of his first book. :)

Anonymous #2: That would be a good question to ask David. We shall see, I suppose. About your first question, I sure hope so! David is one of the coolest guys around. :D