Sunday, January 28, 2007

Death by Zucchini

We here at the Grecian Inquirer have once again teamed up to bring you yet another humorous collection of random Greek philosophical observations. Enjoy!

Dad: "My uncle died of leukemia."
David: "Zucchimia? Is that when you eat too much zucchini?"

Abigail to Dad: "Had color TV been invented when you were born?"

Abigail, on hearing that Sarah was alive when the Berlin Wall fell: "I didn't even know that Dad was alive back then!"

Abigail, on seeing pictures of graffiti on the Berlin Wall: "I didn't know that graffiti had been invented back then."

Abigail: "I broke it, but it still works!"

David: "Daddy, how old were you when you were born?"

Abigail: "We should TP the UN building!"

Abigail: "When I grow up I'm going to adopt 24 kids. Plus I'll have my own."
Sarah: "Are you going to homeschool them or send them to a Christian school?"
Abigail: "Sarah, I'm going to have so many children that my house will BE a Christian school!"

Sarah: "At the time, I was certain that I would wake up, not wake up."

Jacob to Dad: "Would it be ok if I were 8 feet tall when I grow up?" (nice of him to get permission, don't you think?)
Dad: "No."
Jacob: "Can I be 7 feet tall?"
Dad: "I suppose. But you'll have a hard time finding clothes and shoes."
Mom: "And a wife!"
Sarah, later: "He's going to have a problem with that anyway."

David to Mom: "You look like you're dressed to be in 2nd class on the Titanic." (only a 6-year-old homeschooler would say that!)

Abigail: "I feel like having a very mature conversation with a very mature person about a very mature topic."

Sarah: "The enemies of your enemies are not necessarily your friends."

David was helping Mom make a smoothie in the blender. When it was finished blending, David peered into the blender and noticed several small bubbles rising to the surface. "Look, Mom!", he exclaimed. "A frog!"

Sarah, while explaining the complexities of the human birthing experience and the miracle of birth to Abigail: "Anyone can die, but it takes someone special to be born." :)

David and Mom were reading the story told in Genesis 22: 20-24 when David asked a strange question:
David: "Did they eat their children in Bible times?"
Mom: "Of course not. They would have been cannibals if they did that."
A few minutes later: "So, how many children did Milcah have?"
David: "None."
Mom: "Look again."
David read it again and said: "None."
Mom: "They had eight [ate] children."
David: "See? I told you!"

Stephen: "Hey, that's my car! You can't take it! The Bible says, 'do not steal'."
David: "It also says 'it is hard for the rich to go to heaven'. I'm just helping you!"

David: "I really want a job that pays about 9 dollars a minute."
Dad: "If you find a job like that, let me know. I'll retire, and you can take care of me!"


Katrina Rowe said...

ROFL You guys are so hysterically funny! I want a job that pays $9 dollars a minute too! That would be a %6000 raise for me. :D

Abigail said...

Sarah, that is a totally cool picture! It's perfect! Good job! The post is great too! :) Congratulations to my philosophical and brilliantly funny family! :P

Tessa said...

Cute : )

Anonymous said...

Wow guys! you all are really funny.

Kristin Braun said...

Whoa...these are so hilarious! Y'all sound just like my family :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Abigail, you want to adopt 24 kids ... plus your own!!!!!!! What in the world inspired you to have that great um, aspiration?

Abigail said...

Well, that was an exageration, but I do want to adopt lots of kids because they need to be loved and clothed and fed. And kids are totally wonderful! Maybe I will adopt 24! :) Btw, I do have more reasons but they are to lengthy to post. :)

Christina said...

I almost fell off my chair laughing. :D You guys crack me up. I come here whenever I need a laugh!

Anonymous said...

When are you guys gonna post another story or something?

Anonymous said...

When r u guys gonna post something new?

Andrew said...

Haha, cant u wait a bit ananymous ?
If they post to many blogs, you'll get addicted.
It looks like thats already happened tho.

Anonymous said...

well its been like 4eva and a half since ya'll posted anything
so i think its time you guyz did
anonymous and followers