Monday, December 25, 2006

Very Single, Very Alone

There has been yet another development in David's increasing desire for independence. On the heels of his request several days ago for employment at a local carpentry shop came another surprising statement at the end of a busy school day. His teacher, who also happens to be the mother of the child, reports that, when asked to use the word 'very' in a sentence, David simply stated in a somber, lonesome tone of voice:

"I am very single. I am very alone."

For a child that is only six years old, we at The Grecian Inquirer find this statement rather disconcerting. The boy appears to have an obsession that generally only characterizes far older young men.

The boy's near relatives were said to be incredibly amused at the declaration in question, and the child has gotten a good bit of attention as a result of his remarks. He has since been heard wandering the house and mumbling identical statements, much to the wonderment of his doting family, who find the prospect of a six year old that seriously contemplates bachelorhood and marriage an occurrence unprecedented in human experience.

Photo complements of Diana Diaconu.


James Greek said...

Oh my gosh! That David is crazy! no offense, but when I was his age, I wanted to get a job at a TV Station, and I dreamed of getting married! I wanted a girlfriend and I was pretty crazy. I wanted to be like the big boys, and now look! I am 20 years old! The oldest in the Greek Family! I signed up for an account on here and my screen name is bigjman.


Hannah Greek said...

Wow that kinda creeps me out LOL...who knew he had that in him. Well..TTYL


Marissa Whitney said...

LOL! That is totally hilarious. : D