Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Stephen!

My little brother is no ordinary kid. Having just turned 9 years old, Stephen is quite the expert on vehicles, loves to learn new things, and enjoys telling his latest jokes. While we are driving down the highway he is usually peering out the window and impressing us with his vast knowledge of vehicles of all kinds. With a "Look! There's an Expedition!" or a "Did you see that Toyota Tacoma?" or even "You don't know the difference between a Dodge Dakota and a Dodge Durango?" (he was talking to me there). We are quite amazed at his skill in the identification of them.

Stephen is also quite the avid reader. He has informed me that his favorite book (it was a hard decision) is 'Gateway to Space' and 'The Dictionary'. Spoken like a true homeschooler! He reads as much as possible and it is quite hard to pull him from his books.

Art and P.E. are his favorite subjects in school and he enjoys showing others the latest projects he has done in his Art book. On being asked what he thought his future career might be, he replied, "Oh, I don't know. I think I'll just do miscellaneous jobs. Maybe I'll sell cars on ebay."

For his birthday activity he requested to go iceskating and then to have supper at the Japanese Steakhouse. He had a wonderful time and was quite a remarkable iceskater. He won alot of races we had at the iceskating rink.

Stephen is quite the goof ball at times, and does a great job of making people laugh. Drop him a comment and wish him a 'Happy Birthday!'.


Katrina Rowe said...

Happy Birthday Stephen! I'm glad to hear you're a good ice skater. I'm going ice skating today and I'm sure you could completely show me up. :D I fell down twice last week. :P I'm glad at least that you're good.

Nine is a good age. 9 has been my favorite number since I was nine. Have fun reading the dictionary.

Katrina Rowe said...

Oh, I forgot to say something in my other comment. That's great that you can identify all the different kinds of vehicles. That's my favorite thing to do in the car. Mustangs are my personal favorite.

Stephen (The birthday boy himself) said...

Thankyou! :) I also like the book 'Encyclopedia Brown'. It's really cool. My favorite car is a Lexus SC 430. It's kind of like a Coupe and a Ford Mustang.

Yokiwanathan said...

Hey Stephen,
I LOVE Encyclopedia Brown books. When i was your age I'd read all of them and detectives were the COOLEST thing in the world to me.
You're a genius with cars (I can barely keep their colors straight :)
Have fun being 9!
-Yokiwanathan :)