Monday, January 1, 2007

One in 19,343

We always thought we were unique. We've often felt different from the rest. We've always seemed a little counter-cultural, kind of weird.

We are.

We have discovered that we are 1 out of 19,343. 'Greek' is the 19,343rd most popular last name in the United States. And even then, it has to share that humble status with 503 other last names. In other words, you have to wade through countless other humans before you can even hope to get to us.

If you know us, therefore, you have the rare privilege of an acquaintance with individuals who can only be found once in a crowd of 19,343 or more. Or is it one in a million? :P


Anonymous said...

Why did you have to you do that picture of me? The glasses were hard to make. Jacob

Anonymous said...

I was trying to figure out who in the world the picture was of! How did you make the glasses Jacob?

James Greek said...

Greek is not common like Smith or Jones. Like I am the only Greek in my area. Like You don't hear Greek as much as you hear Jackson or Williams or whatnot. You get the idea