Monday, December 25, 2006

From the Keyboard of the Editress

To begin this blog with the beginning of this blog, it is my pleasure to begin by welcoming you to The Grecian Inquirer.

As you may have noticed, this blog is particularly intended for those individuals who are already acquainted with us. If you have not had the opportunity of developing said acquaintance, you are hereby the recipient of my congratulations. You will live a normal life.

The purpose of The Grecian Inquirer is to inform you of the comings and goings of the revived Grecian Empire as demonstrated in the lives of the infamous Greek clan. From the boring to the bizarre, from the dull to the dangerous, from the heights of achievement to the depths of defeat, The Grecian Inquirer is here to serve you with all the latest news flashes in the very lives of the Greeks themselves.

On behalf of the entire staff here at The Grecian Inquirer, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the world's coolest, newest, most intriguing journalistic endeavor!


Andrew said...

The keyboard you write on is cool but I have one complaint. Why can't you write in american aby ? You know, we don't use old english anymore. I can see why. I"m out.

David Boskovic said...

Well. I'm flattered to have had even a small part in making this happen. I shall hereafter be very careful in what I say, or otherwise ensure a blog-gag before I divulge information.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That was really cool. How often do you update your stuff and add new pictures?

James Greek said...


I just got your message and Here I am visiting your site. But anyways, I had a good christmas and I got a lot of interesting gifts. I am spending christmas home in Alabama this year, because Dad and them have been so busy with the new baby and all. I hope to talk to you all soon!