Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Overheard at the Capitol...

Unidentified Senator: "If you get ten letters on an issue, it's a big issue."

Senator Graham: "I love the House [of Representatives], but I don't always trust them."

Senator Graham (paraphrase): "But I just read through their governmental regulations, and it only took me 10 minutes! That's not long enough." [We need more government control than that!]

Senator Wilson (discussing birth): "Sometimes the placenta can get tangled around the mother's neck." :P

Senator Wilson: "You know the game, and it's all a game."

Anonymous lobbyist about anonymous legislator: "If he were in a different body, he would be the perfect man." (she was kidding, just for the record)

Abram, a Christian lobbyist, regarding a petty dispute in the legislature: "Regardless of race, religion, or party, when it comes down to it, at the end of the day, all men are four-year-olds."

Greeting card: "When a man is talking in the woods and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong?"

Anonymous Legislator: "Oh, those Republicans! Those lazy, corrupt, foolish Republicans! Oh, wait - I'm a Republican."

Anonymous individual: "He's a nice-looking guy. Too bad he's not a nice guy."


Katrina said...

Sarah, you are so funny! Unfortunately, I already heard about half of this on the phone and in chats. ;-) It's still funny a second time, though.

Anonymous said...

omg, that's real funny. i love the 'republican' one :D


Jesse Caldwell said...

In the interest of all Spartans, Atheniens, Peloponnesians, Macedonians, and all those bent on hellenization, where exactly did you find these interesting little quotes? I'd really like to know.

The Republican one is pretty good. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks. :)

Jesse, these quotes are all ones that I overheard while working in my state Capitol (Jefferson City). Some were taken from personal conversations, while others were actually said on the Senate floor.

I've quite fond of the Republican quote myself. Unfortunately, most of us probably feel the same way about the groups that we are affiliated with - at least occasionally. :(

And good to meet a fellow Hellenizer. "To the Greek first, and also to the Jew", as Paul put it. Right? ;)

Jesse Caldwell said...

Exactly...does that mean Greeks can now move to the front of the line? :) Or is this an unofficial press release of the Grecian empire?

Sarah said...

I'm not really sure myself.

It's all Greek to me . :P

Anonymous said...

when r u all gonna post something new?